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Agape Lifeline Orphanage 

Sam and Beena Gilbert are caring parents of displaced and orphaned children in the India city of Chennai. Impact International is a proud partner and sponsor with them through our Christy’s House model of loving and preparing children for their future and thus leaving a legacy for the next generation.

Our model is not typical of orphanage life. First of all the word orphan is often associated negatively within the world context. Children who are called orphans are often ridiculed when they are trying to assimilate in the world they live in on a daily basis.

The children at Agape are loved and raised as the family of Sam and Beena. They are respected, loved and educated just like any child born to the Gilberts. It is a family setting. It is a home setting. The children call Sam and Beena Mom and Dad. (they call me Grandpa!). Beena calls me Pappa, that’s how close the bond between us extends. Fathering at my age is still a priority!

The children vary in age. Once they graduate from high school, they are encouraged to enter the marketplace and find work.  Nursing, education and the tech world are being pursued by the older children.

Impact supports Agape on a regular basis as it’s our mission to fulfill the mandate of Jesus to touch the lives of desperate children, to bring children to Jesus, to make a deposit in the lives of needy children so that they are transformed and ready to make a difference in the nation.


Danita's Children

Immediately after the devastating earthquake in Haiti in January 2010, our son Craig offered us a large donation for the needs of children in Haiti. He wanted to get it to the children quickly. We had no contacts in Haiti to effectively distribute the money. We searched and found Danita’s Children.


Footprints of the Son

We believe in family preservation and allowing children with disabilities to be valued in their communities.  Our outreach program provides families with the resources and opportunities they need to succeed in making their child visible.

We fight the stigma that exists for children with disabilities, we are honored to have the only inclusion school in Northeast, Haiti where children with and without disabilities can learn and play together in one safe environment.

The story of Heather and Papito is a true story of love in more ways than one. How God brought a couple together from two vastly different backgrounds and how their joint love for children with disability changed their lives, forever!


Foundations Project

The Foundations Project is a child advocacy organization in the suburbs of Harare, Zimbabwe.  Its’ purpose is to care for the needs of preschool education and development for orphaned and vulnerable children in the community. It provides a place where children can grow, learn and receive nourishing food on a daily basis.  Caregivers are a part of the ongoing program. They are....


Shammah House

The relationships formed in this central African nation are long.  Alastair Geddes, the Impact founder, first set foot in the nation in 1965.  He planted a church and trained leaders in Zimbabwe from the early 70’s, and that continues up to the present.  Currently a Zimbabwe initiative is being formulated to further develop the legacy theme…leaders are being groomed…children are being trained…and we are currently bringing physical restoration to this land.  Impact International is assisting with an initiative to meet the needs of Zimbabwe's huge orphan crisis.

There are millions of orphans in Zimbabwe. Many of them have become parentless due to...

Faith Ministries overseer, Ngwiza Mnkandla, with a Coastal Church team and some of the children

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