How does a man from Scotland (me) engage with boys from an orphanage in Haiti? - football .  That’s what it is to everyone other than US, where it is soccer. Alastair has spent his life mentoring and depositing into the lives of younger men to develop them into the men God has called them to be. What better tool than sport?

Last year Impact sponsored its very first Ouanaminthe, Haiti boys soccer tournament. It was a great success and the boys of Danita’s Children were third. This year however the boys excelled and won the tournament.  It was a hugely successful tournament  with eight teams competing and the plan is for twelve teams next year.

Impact supplies the team uniforms and the logo and the words – LEGACY – PURPOSE – DESTINY!  This is the motivating


factor of Impact. Leave a LEGACY  for the next generation, fulfill your life’s  PURPOSE and complete your DESTINY by engaging a world that is in need of transformation based on the words of Jesus – “love GOD, love others, love yourself”.

The four top teams are honored at an IMPACT sponsored banquet where the trophies are given to the teams along with medals for the players. Alastair speaks a challenging charge to the boys and once again through the medium of football (soccer), Impact engages with boys, many of whom are never exposed to the message of the gospel. For these boys this may be the first time they have heard “there is a PURPOSE for your life”.