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There are millions of orphans in Zimbabwe largely due to the AIDS epidemic that has swept the nation over the years. The need for orphan and foster care is critical.

Faith Ministries (the church Alastair Geddes founded in 1976) has created a great model to care for displaced children in Harare the capital of Zimbabwe.

Shammah House ( a part of the Faith Ministries network) is a home to give foster care to displaced children in one of the most needy areas of Harare. The age of the children range from babies to teenagers. The model in the home is ‘family style’. This is why we at Impact support Shammah House. We love the model.  Impact wants  to support only orphanages where the children are not placed in huge dormitories  and left to fend for themselves. Shammah House has this distinct family feel, where ‘parents’ (a mommy and daddy) can love


on the children. The children at Shammah House have wonderful loving parents trained by Faith Ministries, a real church,

nutritional food, clothing, housing and of course education. All these are the basic ingredients to success in the future.

Impact – when supporting an ongoing program we want to see a sustainable model in place and assist in the financing of the home. Shammah has a chicken business that provides food and some income for the house parents to be able to supplement ongoing expenses. We would like to see this continue and even advance.

Impact was able to provide a van for Shammah House ($10,000 value) with help from a supporting church in Virginia. We need more support to continue to find accommodation for more children in need in Harare.


The chicken house waiting for its new batch of 1,500 broilers to maintain a sustainable environment to help with family expenses.

Shammah House children!

our wonderful house parents Abel and Swemmar and one of the precious children.

Isn't she just gorgeous?

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