Immediately after the devastating earthquake in Haiti in January 2010, our son Craig offered us a large donation for the needs of children in Haiti. He wanted to get it to the children quickly. We had no contacts in Haiti to effectively distribute the money. We searched and found Danita’s Children. We wanted an authentic mission taking care of orphans AND where we could deposit our lives and leave a legacy for the future generations!

Impact sent the money in 2010 and visited shortly afterwards to see how it was spent and take a look at the work being done at Danita’s Children. The result; “rarely have I seen as effective and selfless a work like Danita’s Children”.  It is authentic and the model is a perfect fit for Impact.

Danita Estrella (Watts) arrived in Haiti in 1999 with only two suitcases and $200


and a faith that God had sent her and “where He guides, He provides” – So Danita arrived in Ouanaminthe, Haiti and seeing the need of children without parents and a place to call home, Danita’s Children was born.

Today  Danita’s Children is a home for over 100 orphans and displaced and broken children. Most of them not only have emotional needs but varying form of trauma from terrible family backgrounds. Many suffered from the effects of the flood or the earthquake with loss of limbs and other forms of disability. Whatever the need, Danita takes them in. Now there is a school with over 400 children and most of them come daily from the community. The Medical Center was completed in 2013 and this modern day wonder with its dental clinic and malnutrition center


touches the needs of the children in the orphanage as well as the children of the community.

Danita’s Children is a well rounded mission touching the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of children and the community.