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"What you leave behind is not what is engraved on stone monuments but what is woven into the lives of others."

Meet the Founders

For over fifty years I have lived out my walk with Jesus. It has not all been pretty!  Today, however, it is real and vibrant.

The Impact International purpose - do what Jesus did in the way that Jesus did it. His last command should be our first concern: ‘ “Go and make disciples…”. Our mission is modeled by compassion, care, and mercy. The very things I  received as a broken vessel,  I want to give back to others.  The “least of these” – the broken of this world are at the heart of our mission. The orphans, the hungry, the helpless, the castaways – touching these lives is our mission.


I started in Zimbabwe in 1965 and all these years later the legacy continues. You can read this on our site. My son (a part of the legacy) introduced us to Haiti and now we work alongside three orphanages in Haiti– sow seeds and make lasting deposits into the lives of children. We touch the lives of children in orphanages in Zimbabwe and India also.

We have named our orphan program 'Christy’s House' in memory of our daughter Laura’s best friend who passed away too early at the age of 30 – she had a passion for children!


Carol and I do not take any salary from Impact International and most of the expenses are covered by us so that your donation can go directly and immediately to touch the life of a child. We are not in the sales business so we don’t solicit as many do.

We rely on friends and people who are moved to help us fulfill our mission. Our PROJECTS page shows the children and the love and care we offer to those who need it the most.

Alastair & Carol Geddes

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