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.........from Him!

God poured out his love for a world in distress –that’s  YOU AND ME! Nothing has changed! His love is unconditional. He GIVES to us and it becomes our RESPONSIBILTY TO GIVE TO OTHERS. An open heaven gives…love, care, compassion, mercy and so much more! Our mission is clear! As we are told “look after the ORPHANS AND WIDOWS IN DISTRESS” us!

This is our part!  Be sensitive, be soft and tender hearted – so we  are open to fulfilling His purposes to this world in crisis. With all the wars, the famine, the pain, the anger – it is difficult to maintain a tender and responsive heart, but that is our mandate. “As the deer pants for the water, so my heart longs for you Lord”. Join us in being sensitive to the plight and pain of children – there are 160 million orphans in the world and we are helping where we are able. others!

God uses  you and me to fulfill His purposes on the earth. He uses our tender hearts and our reaching hands outward to GIVE BACK for the blessings He has given to us. Surely, it’s not about  ME! It’s about others! We are God’s hand extended!  A fist is tight but a giving hand is open! When we open our hands we reach out and touch a life. The Kingdom mandate for all believers is simple. As the words of Jesus tell us “ I was hungry, I was thirsty, I was without clothes…..” and how do we respond? (See our PROJECTS and join us today)!



Legacy for the

next generation

van donation, coastal community, church for the children, shammah house, zimbabwe


You can make a life-changing impact on children’s lives by partnering with Impact World. Each donation goes directly to meet the needs of the children. Carol and I are directly involved to ensure that donations reach the precious children as intended.

Van donated by Coastal Community Church for the children of Shammah House in Zimbabwe.

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